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I am proud to be a co-owner and a hairstylist at Loose Ends Hair Studio. I have been in the industry since I was 15 years old in 1995, starting as a receptionist the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I became a stylist in 1998. I love my job because I get to make every person who sits in my chair feel fantastic about themselves. I get to meet so many new people each day and everyone has a unique story, wants a different look and I love to help them accomplish it. I enjoy going to classes to learn the latest trends and styles. I use and recommend a variety of professional product lines, as not one thing is good for everyone. I feel that sometimes a visit to your favorite stylist can be one of the most therapeutic experiences, sometimes it can change a person's life.  Two things that are most rewarding to me in the industry are making people look and feel good about themselves.  I enjoy the challenge of creating a new look, whether it's a great haircut or a fabulous hair color makeover.  The best compliment is someone else complimenting my work.  Thank you for keeping your referrals coming in!  Come in and let me or a talented member of our salon team help you to look and feel your best. We look forward to getting to know you!

To book with Liz: 
or call the salon 978-827-3121 or text 978-895-0124
Chloe Gendreau - Licensed Cosmetologist 
Growing up I have always dreamed of becoming a hair stylist. Watching my mom create beautiful hairstyles and become a successful business owner has been truly inspirational. In 2017 I began my journey of becoming a stylist, in the salon at Monty Tech Highschool. I worked extensively my junior and senior year in the upper classman salon on clients, and even earned over the 1,000 hours required for licensure. I received my cosmetology license in November of 2020. My main goal in the salon is to make each and every client feel confident. Hair is one of the greatest forms of self expression and I would love to help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams.  
To book with Chloe please call the salon at (978)827-3121 or text (978) 870-9687  
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